Frequently Asked Questions

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What camera equipment do you use?

For most of your wedding day, I carry around two full-frame Nikon DSLR camera bodies, each with a different lens. One camera has a super-zoom lens that can capture the most up-close, intimate moments, and a wide lens used to capture "the whole situation" (great for remembering the entire feel of the moment and remembering everyone who was in it). I also bring along a bag of speciality lenses (up-close, prime lenses, and more!)

All of my cameras have dual memory slots. This means back-ups are being made in live time while I shoot your wedding. So, if one SD card goes missing or decides to break, I already have a back-up.

For dark spaces and receptions, I use flashes to add artificial light. Flash is a necessary addition to any wedding to get those awesome first dance photos and night shots.

What types of weddings do you shoot?

I shoot pretty much any wedding that comes my way, but I specialize in barn weddings, rural property weddings, city hall ceremonies, elopements, backyard weddings, and smaller-sized gatherings.

What does an actual wedding day look like with you?

On your wedding day, I show up at least 30 minutes before the time you've booked with me. I take this time to get my equipment set-up and calibrated.

Throughout the day, I'm basically your third-wheel! I'll always be right beside you, capturing candid moments. I'll crack jokes to help you and your family feel comfortable during posed photos.

Sometimes (especially if you don't have a day-of-coordinator), I'll watch the time to ensure we stay on schedule. I'll give you or your wedding party a (friendly) nudge.

How much posing do you do?

The amount of posing I do depends on the couple, and the situation. Some couples feel awkward in front of the camera (which is totally understandable!), so I offer some go-to poses to get things started. I love introducing movement into poses, as this is when couples are at their most natural. I'll tell you to walk across a bridge, or even to spin your partner.

To encourage laughter, I prompt the gentlemen to whisper an inside joke or funny line into your ear. I motivate you to have a private conversation while I step back with a zoom lens.

During family formals, I ensure sunglasses and hats are put away, people are standing tall, and hands are in a natural position.

How many photos do I get?

I can never guarantee a certain number of photos, but a typical wedding gallery I deliver has about 80-100 high quality, professionally edited photos per hour. So, a final gallery from a 10 hour wedding would have about 1000 photos.

On your actual wedding day, I snap about five times the amount of photos that are in your final gallery. During what's called the culling process, I remove photos that are duplicates, out-of-focus, or just not pleasing. Trust me, there are some facial expressions you don't need to see in your final wedding gallery. Allow me to make this professional judgement for you!

Do you back-up my photos?

All of my cameras have dual memory slots. This means back-ups are being made in live time while I shoot your wedding. So, if one SD card goes missing or decides to break, I already have a back-up.

The moment I get home from your wedding (even if it's 1am!), I immediately upload all of the photos from the SD cards onto my computer. Later on, I do an additional back-up on an off-site harddrive. So, in the event of fire or theft, there is still a copy of your wedding photos.

Do I get to keep the RAW files?

I shoot and edit every wedding in RAW to ensure the maximum amount of exposure and colour information is available for my editing, however I deliver edited and finished high resolution JPEG files and do not include RAW files in the final gallery. If you are extremely interested in having the RAW files, these are available for an additional fee.

How are my photos delivered to me?

You will be given a password-protected download link to your photos on my website. The download link is a large ZIP file containing your entire wedding gallery with high resolution, watermark-free photos. Download it as many times as you need, and feel free to share the link with friends and family.

How much retouching do you do?

I carefully edit each image for colour, contrast, exposure and style. Some images occasionally require a little more finessing for temporary things like blemishes and pimples.

I put great emphasis on natural skin tones, and true-to-life-colors. Wedding photos should look happy, and reflect the emotions and weather of the actual day.

Do I get the copyright to my photos?

As the original creator of each image, under Canadian copyright law I am the copyright owner of the images. However, you have the freedom to share, print, post, and use your images for personal use. Heck, they're your wedding photos! What you can't do is use them for any commercial purposes (reselling them, using them for marketing).

Do you offer prints?

At this time, I only deliver high resolution digital photos. My goal is to keep my package prices as low and simple as possible for your benefit. However, if you're interested in printing photos, I'm more than happy to recommend great printing labs.

What happens if you get sick or injured?

If I become sick or injured, I rely on my network of other Toronto-based wedding photographers to fill in for me. I will do everything in my power to find another professional to capture your day, and anything you paid me is returned.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Sneak peaks can be seen on my social media accounts within 3 days after your wedding, and your full gallery is delivered within 4 weeks of your wedding.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Because I typically photograph smaller weddings (backyards, elopements, intimate ceremonies) I find that adding a second shooter is not neccessary, and usually complicates things more. I like to keep my prices low and my process simple for your benefit, and mine!

However, if you do want to inquire about a second shooter, just let me know!

Can you shoot in dark situations?

I have specialized lenses and flashes to help me in dark situations. I have been to dozens of dark receptions and dances that require the use of my flash. As your wedding photographer, it's my job to quickly adjust to changing lighting conditions.

Can you shoot in rain or bad weather?

I have shot many wet and snowy weddings. Cold fingers and wet hair is part of being a wedding photographer in Canada! My equipment is weather-sealed, and rain coat at the ready. I'm always game for some weather-related challenges.

If my wedding runs late, can I ask you to stay later?

When you reserve your date with me, I don't accept any other bookings for that date (even if your coverage is only for a few hours). This ensures that you are my top priotity for the entire day! My schedule is cleared in case you need additional hours. Each additional hour is $300, and is invoiced to you the following day.

Do you help me create a timeline?

I have a good idea of how long it takes to do family formals, first looks, and bride + groom portraits. I help you build a timeline if needed, scope out good photo locations near your venue, and prepare a family formal shot list.

When you book me as your photographer, you have unlimited email, text, and call access to me up until your wedding day. Use this open communication line to ask me any questions you need!

How far in advance should I book?

Most couples that approach me have booked their venues and are 8-12 months from their big day. Last-minute bookings are always welcome, but summer weekends fill up quickly.

Do I need to provide you with meals?

If I'm covering your reception, I do appreciate a vendor meal. I do pack some discreet snacks for myself just in case!

What do you wear to a wedding?

I try to blend in with staff and wedding guests as much as possible. I wear a black long sleeved shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes. However, I do respect if you wish for me to dress differently. Please contact me directly to inquire!

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are tough for everyone, but it's good to plan for. Since most weddings happen on weekends during warmer parts of the year, the dates I can professionally work are limited. There are normally multiple inquiries for the same date, and once you book with, I turn down all of this potential work. If you cancel, I do keep the non-refundable deposit.

What if I need to reschedule, or if COVID changes things?

Rescheduling is also a tough situation, but it's treated very similar to a cancellation. Since I have reserved your date and likely turned down other potential work for that day, I do keep the non-refundable deposit. This is esentially the "rebooking fee".

In the event of COVID lockdown, I am more fair with rebooking at no extra charge because this effects all of my couples, not just you.